Principal Busted for Soka Gokkai War Chants Against Enemies

And you were worried about the Creationists?

And you were worried about the Creationists?

Soka Gakkai has to be top of the list of my “Most Under-rated Cults of All Time”.  Why? Well, for starters, unlike most well-known cults, in Japan, they are part of the governing coalition with the party that has ruled that country since WW2! Imagine for a moment, if  America had a parliamentary system like much of the world, but was dominated by one party that was in a coalition with Scientology or the Raelians. That is Soka Gakkai. Oh, and throw in some Amway-style multi-level marketing corporations into the mix and you have a one-stop mind control/religion/political/industrial machine. These folks ain’t screwing around! And they have Tina Turner and Quincy Jones as celebrity followers. For those familiar with the “Ike and Tina” TV movie (awesome, mandatory viewing for old-school R&B fans), you may recall that it was SG meditation that Tina credits with her 80s return to stardom.

For those interested in more on SG, here is Rick Ross’ database on this group:

Buddhism often gets placed into the category of “nonviolent religions” by starry-eyed Westerners.  However, anyone familiar with the history of Asia over the past few millennia knows that Buddhists know how to get their war on just like anybody else!  Also, considering the stealth campaign by Transcendental Meditation to sneak TM into American public schools, Americans should not just be wary of efforts like the Texas Schoolbooks creationism movement, but keep an eye on NON-Christian efforts to destroy the separation of church and state within public schools.  Like this one in Long Island…

From WCBS-TV in New York:

…A public school principal is facing charges of major misbehavior.  Education officials are looking into a reports that the man led religious chants against people he considered enemies.  CBS 2 HD spoke with outraged moms — and the principal.

Parents at P.S. 24 in Riverdale say their principal is unprincipled.  “It all comes down to his lack of competence as a leader,” said Unjoo Trebach of the school’s parents association.  Philip Scharper is under investigation by the city’s Department of Education for potentially crossing the line between church and state with Buddhism.

“He has tried to recruit staff members to be part of his faith and he has also hired a couple of people from his temple,” parent Tracy Shelton said.  The Department of Education is taking the allegations very seriously. Among them — that Principal Scharper handed out Buddhist chant cards while on school property.

The complaint, filed by someone at the school, said Scharper also led “Buddhist chants” against teachers on a “hate list.”


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