Harry Potter’s War On Islam

The Not-So-Elder of Zion Receives His Satanic Instructions

The Not-So-Elder of Zion Receives His Satanic Instructions

Apparently, the Ziono-Hollywoodists are using Harry Potter as a Satanic tool to undermine Islam. Well, according to Iranian TV, that is…


According to the special, the “Ziono-Hollywoodists” are using Satanism and the Harry Potter movies to convince young viewers to “join us.”

In the documentary, the voiceover (with translation by MEMRI-TV) notes “the creation of new stories, based on mythical themes relating to witchcraft and devil worship, has always been a tool used by contemporary Zionists […] now, more visibly than ever, targeting innocent children and youth.” The documentary explains that the theory of witchcraft originates in the kabbalah, which itself originated “from a rabbi or magicians of ancient Egypt and were passed down to the Knights Templar.” (No worries, this is the closest thing to a “Da Vinci Cod”e reference in the documentary.)

“I call this a cultural crusader war…” says Ali Asghar Sa’adati, identified as an Iranian Expert on Religious Cinema. ” Their military expedition is currently in Afghanistan and Iraq, while their cultural expedition consists of these films and DVDs.”


~ by psychedelicdungeon on March 28, 2009.

One Response to “Harry Potter’s War On Islam”

  1. And of course “Harry Potter” spelled in Hebrew is Herschel Krustofski.

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